Try the Water Magnetiser risk free with our 365 day money back guarantee
Try the Water Magnetiser risk free with our 365 day money back guarantee
Grow Stronger Plants with Abundant Flowers & Enjoy Healthier Fruit and Vegetables
"Magnetic water allows plants to flower faster and gives plants bigger more vibrant coloured flowers. "
Independent Plant Trials Prove Benefits of Magnetic Water
(compared against tap water)

Plant Trials Expert Chris Wiley from
Sow Successful Ltd

Showcasing the benefits of magnetic water

Plantsurge Delivered:
  • Faster flowering from seed
  • Increased flower count
  • ​Longer lasting flowering blooms
  • ​Larger flower petal size
  • ​Flowers displayed more vibrant colours
  • ​Stronger healthier foliage
These results were reported by Horticulturist Chris Wiley from Sow Successful Ltd in Suffolk who ran independent trials on a wide selection of indoor and outdoor plants using the Plantsurge magnetic water device (Trials run Nov 2019 to April 2020)
Best Performing Indoor Plant
33% flower increase, larger foliage, longer flowering, more vibrant colours.
Best Performing Outdoor Plant
433% flower increase after 4 weeks of growth

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Amateur gardeners selected by Celebrity Gardening Expert Michael Perry, as part of his Mr Plant Geek Members Club tested Plantsurge against tap water & rainwater and reported the following benefits;
  • Seeds germinated quicker
  • Plants grew bigger flowers
  • ​Flowers looked more vibrant
  • ​Effective when used with fruit and vegetable
Improved Performance in Seed Growth
says 83% of plant growers
Try the Water Magnetiser risk free with our 365 day money back guarantee
Invigorate Your Garden with bountiful flowering plants and award-winning fruits and vegetables!

‘’I’ve gone off in a new direction on watering in recent days, I’m trying out a Plantsurge that clips on to the hose or water pipe. I’m fascinated that my plants might be able to absorb water more efficiently.’’ 

Val Bourne, Journalist, Amateur Gardening Magazine

‘‘I have been using the Plantsurge on my potted plants, seedlings and tomatoes for eight weeks and the foliage has gone mad, it’s working a charm’’. 

Garden blogger Joe Harrison from Suffolk

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How Does Plantsurge Actually Work?
If you have you ever noticed just how vibrant and healthy your plants and gardens look after a thunderstorm, it’s because these effects are caused by the electrical charge in the rainwater. Plantsurge harnesses the power of magnets to give a similar effect on your plants, effects proven from independent pant trials.  

Scientists, horticulturists and growers world-wide have seen the benefits of using magnetic water on plant growth and improved yield, yet in spite of all the research, field studies and proof there are differing theories to explain exactly how magnetic water works.  

Plantsurge uses a special configured set of magnets carefully aligned with a specific gauss strength that when it is attached to a water pipe or hose pipe with flowing water, it creates a strong magnetic field. This magnetic field reduces the cluster size of the water molecules, allowing more efficient absorption into the plant’s root system. The result is better hydration (with water saving benefits) and more efficient nutrient uptake, giving healthy, vibrant plants, fruit and vegetables - just like thunderstorm rainwater.  

To help protect the environment and improve plant health, many gardeners prefer using Plantsurge instead of inorganic fertilisers - magnetic water is ideal for compost or a good  organic fertilizer, high in nutrients, humus, humic acid, and microorganisms.

Despite the strong testimonials from UK gardeners and robust plant trials proving the benefits of Plantsurge, we give you a 365-day full money back refund if you are not happy with the product.

Bunny Guinness
Award Winning Landscaper & Designer, Sunday Telegraph Garden Columnist and TV Presenter gives Plantsurge positive reviews!

"If you water plants with magnetic water, they flower earlier and weight more which presumably equates to stronger growth"

Bunny Guinness, Garden Writer
As seen in...
Commercial grower improves yield using magnetic water
Ben Wild, the owner of Wild Greens Farm  located in Brackenholm in North Yorkshire watched as his crops flowered one week faster after irrigating with magnetic water.  That’s not all, the Plantsurge water encouraged plants to grow larger petals. The net result for this busy plant grower has been increased yield and cropping, two benefits that has made a difference to business profits. Plantsurge water saving benefits will also reduce water costs because it hydrates root systems more efficiently.
Results were remarkable, the plant trials validated exactly what Ben Wild observed - viola plants tested using Plantsurge produced more flowers with larger blooms than those using tap water. The results of product comparison plant testing is available from

"We grow edible flowers and microgreens for restaurants nationwide. To irrigate our 20,000 plants, we fitted two large Plantsurge magnetisers and we were surprised and delighted to see plugs flowering six days quicker than we expected, the benefits for our business bottom line has been noticeably improved. Plantsurge was easy to fit to our water pipes and we started using them the same day they arrived."

Ben Wild, Owner Wild Greens Farm, Brackenholm, North Yorkshire
Case Study - Magnetic Water vs Rainwater
Amateur Gardener - Mrs Liz Soydas - Worksop, Notts
I have been using the Plantsurge magnetic water device for over 6 weeks. I have trialed it on a variety of plants that have been kept in the greenhouse, I have carried out a direct comparison using magnetic water vs rainwater. 
The fuchsia plants arrived at the same time and from the same grower. They were small plants, and all were all the same size. From April 20th I began the experiment with the plants.
The 4 plants on the left have been watered using Plantsurge - The 4 plants on the right have used rainwater from the water butt. The plants were watered at the same time each day and given the exact same amount of water.

Plants on the left have stronger foliage and look healthier and fuller - they have more buds and much stronger flowers.

Plants on the right are weaker with far less foliage, they have less flowers and one has died off.
Initially we were sceptical about the magnetic water attachment. How wrong we were. This year our garden has had the best flowers ever. Our climbing rose, which usually blooms poorly once a year at the end of September, is still blooming a month later
( end of October) with strong pretty flowers.'

'I have recommended Plantsurge to friends, who are impressed by our garden. One of the things we noticed was that despite dry weather and some of our soil being sandy, we needed to water less. This was noticeable in our pots and baskets too.
Plant trials prove plants flower more abundantly and bloom longer using Plantsurge
Professional Gardener, Michael Palmer tested Plantsurge compared to tap water on cosmos plants from seeds to full flowering and reported;
"After two weeks of flowering, Plantsurge watered Cosmos flowers are slightly bigger & lusher than the tap watered Cosmos"  

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Stops hard water from damaging plants
Plantsurge prevents limescale build up
If your tap water is ‘hard’ or limey – for instance if it furs up your kettle or produces limescale deposits – watering with it will make the soil or compost more alkaline, and lead to plant problems. Magnetic water has been scientifically tested to show it can prevent limescale build up, reducing alkalinity that can damage species such as camelias, rhododendrons, azalea, magnolia, daphne, Japanese maples and more
Keeps irrigation pipes scale free
Plantsurge offers clog free irrigation for sprinklers and ponds   
Plantsurge prevents limescale from clogging and damaging irrigation pipes; helping to ensure free flowing water into garden ponds and irrigation systems such as soaker hoses or sprinklers. The bonus is you get to enjoy healthier happier fish, luscious lawns and you save money with longer lasting equipment.

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Fitting Instructions
Plantsurge is so easy to fit, it can be clipped on to a 15 mm metal water pipe or plastic garden hose in under 15 seconds. There are no pipes to cut, no electrical mains supply required, no corrosive salts are added to the water system and there are no running costs or maintenance required. We also supply a larger unit for pipes over 15 mm
  • Wear garden gloves before fitting the device
  • Easy to fit, clip to water pipe or garden hose in under 15 seconds
  • ​No pipes to cut, no electrical mains supply required, no corrosive salts
  • ​No running costs or maintenance required.
Where to fit Plantsurge?
The ideal place to fit Plantsurge is clip it on to a cold water 15mm pipe. If you want to water indoor plants, clip it on to the cold-water pipe under your kitchen sink. For outdoor watering clip to pipe on the outside cold-water tap. Many gardeners also clip the Plantsurge to a plastic garden hose. Tap water will stay magnetised for up to 100 hours, which means you can use in watering cans or containers without losing benefits.

How do I fit Plantsurge?
The best way to fit Plantsurge is to TWIST the top part - this then allows you to SLIDE and SEPARATE the two parts away from each other more easily. You can then join the two parts together with your hose pipe or water pipe enclosed between them..

If you have any questions, please call us on 0208 211 3666 or

1. Twist
2. Slide
3. Separate
Get the new product all gardeners are talking about.
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Warning: Do not handle the magnets if you are on a heart pacemaker or similar as the magnets are very powerful. If you wear a quartz watch or have credit cards nearby, remove them before handling the magnets as the magnets will stop your watch and wipe your cards clean.
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